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Laura CraftySmith
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Hello, I'm Laura and I started CraftySmith during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, but I have been working in the crafting world for nearly 10 years.

I've been cross stitching for many years, but fully got back into it whilst I was pregnant with my daughter. I wanted to make something for her nursery, which then sparked my cross stitch love again. I found cross stitch very relaxing and great for my mental health, just to take away the stresses of my job, which inspired me to create funny pun related cross stitches. I love a pun and it gave me so much joy creating them that I wanted to spread that joy. Creating something positive and sharing my love for puns was what I wanted to do; introducing CraftySmith.

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About us

We have always had a passion to make things and CraftySmith is our platform to share this passion with you. ​

Cross stitch is a perfect example of this, the pun-tastic patterns we offer are easy to follow and will make any cross-stitcher smile. ​They are also perfect for beginners wanting to start a new hobby.

We offer everything a stitcher might need from complete kits to digital patterns.

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