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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the kits include everything I will need to complete the cross stitch kit?

Yes, each kit includes the hoop, Aida, backing felt, required thread, basic instructions on getting started, a needle and a needle threader.

Are your kits REALLY hand made?

Yes, 100%. They are my designs. I cut, print, fold, thread and pack each kit by hand. 

I don't appear to have enough thread.

Each provided thread comes with six strands. Before you start stitching, the thread needs to be reduced to two strands

What do the different Aida counts mean?

Aida Count is the number of stitches per inch i.e. how many crosses you can stitch in a straight line in an inch. Most common counts are 14, 16, or 18 although there are smaller and larger counts as well. Most of my kits are 14 count although I do have a few that are 18.

Do Craftysmith Ltd. ship internationally?

Yes, we will ship all over the world, we have sent kits as far as Australia and regularly ship to America.

Are your kits environmentally friendly?

All packaging in kits is recyclable, all components of the kits are made from natural products and the only non vegan item is the backing felt and this can be removed on request.

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