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Commissioning Specialist Kits for Events/Promotions Etc.


We are happy to take on speciality design work with regard to kit / pattern development or pun-tactic artwork. If you have a specific event e.g. Birthday, Work Promotion, Wedding etc. that may be enhanced with our products, please complete the enquiry form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Examples of some of the commissioned work we have completed are shown below. Please note none of these kits are available through this web site as they are exclusive to the commissioner.

Let's be friends commissioned cross stitch order
Four commissioned cross stitch kits for Happy Caravan

Example of a limited edition kit designed and produced for an overseas client for a special birthday celebration.

Example of a series of kits designed and produced for The Happy Caravanner.


These kits are available through the following web site

Special Term and Conditions:

1.   Minimum Order of £100 (charge is subject to complexity and quantity required.)

2.  Initial art work or design will be be charged at £50, payable prior to start off work.

3.  Initial art work will be submitted to you for approval, prior to any further design work being undertaken.

4.  Above cost for design includes three revisions to meet specific requirements. Further updates will incur an additional cost of £25

5.  Once approval has been given, the agreed order fee must be received prior to any further work taking place.

6.  You will be kept appraised  at all stages of the design, production and delivery of your products.

7.   All designs and art work although exclusive, will remain copywritted to Craftysmith Ltd.

Commissioning Enquiry

Enquiry Regarding

Thank you for your enquiry. We will be in touch shortly.

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